Past Promotions: Enzyme vs. Chemical Peels

This was the promotion in April 2017, but the information is still great! (The current promo can be seen here).

What’s Better for Your Particular Skin – Enzyme Peels or Chemical Peels?

Many elements can compromise your skin: pollution, hormones, stress, and more. Exfoliation can help to a point, but should you go further with chemical peels or enzymes?

In the battle for perfect (or near-perfect) skin, one has many options, and some of them are extreme. Some people opt for facelifts and injections, but these expensive and highly invasive procedures are not without the possibility of dangerous side effects – yet they are still only temporary solutions! Most facelifts only are effective for about five years – for example, if one has surgery on saggy skin around the eyes, in very few years it will have collapsed again. Surgery and injections on such sensitive areas can not only produce scarring and an unnatural look, but also temporary or even permanent nerve damage. Yikes!
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Skin Care Law #1: Be Consistent

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Consistency is the secret formula to healthy celebrity skin. It requires periodic facials and a daily skin regimen in your home. Combine this with exercise and a proper diet, and you will have the luscious, luminous skin that many yearn for.

Be aware that achieving these results means committing to a lifestyle change, and you get out of it what you put into it. Don’t allow this fact to dishearten you, but rather let it equip you with the determination necessary to bring your skin’s beauty and health to a higher echelon. The following tips will guide you toward your goal of fresh, glowing skin within just a few weeks of adopting a devoted skin care regimen. Continue reading “Skin Care Law #1: Be Consistent”

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