Periodic Promos: Spring Go & Glow Facial

Spring Go & Glow Facial

Rejuvenate After Winter: Pamper Yourself!

Let your skin shimmer for Spring while inviting aromas of indulgence mingle in the air. The Go & Glow  Facial  is a healing post-winter facial. Unwind with relaxing massages, Triple Crown Dermabrasion, and the luxury of Oxygen Infusion therapy, as your skin is pampered with decadent indulgence that produces skin that is luminous, hydrated, and sparkling.

For this facial, we tempt you with cherry enzymes in a natural antioxidant chocolate mask! So revitalize your skin with the flavors and scents of the season. Nekadam Skin Esthetics detoxifies using advantages of oxygen infusion to purify and hydrate skin in order to recover from the drying winter chill, and Triple Crown Dermabrasion evens out your skin. You’ll love your youthful results! Come to Nekadam Skin Care to revel in spicy cocoa indulgence and your new glowing, dewy, more touchable skin!

Lara has many options to assist in your skincare regime; contact her today for an appointment.